Fun and witty T-Shirts for Atheists, Agnostics, skeptics and anyone else who could face hellfire if there actually turns out to be a god

Fun and Witty T-Shirts for Atheists, Agnostics, skeptics and anyone else who would face hellfire if there actually is a god

Thank God for zombie movies

Thank God for zombie movies

Thank God for zombie movies

Thank God for zombie moves. Or rather, thank Jesus for zombie movies. Actually, thank the crackpots who wrote the Bible – they had a wonderful imagination judging by ’80s Hollywood standards.

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  1. John Steven Grissom Says:

    A man who was doing a social experiment once brought his shed full of nuts and bolts, and pieces of wire and all kinds of electronic parts…. put it out in the middle of the desert. he called up one of his buddies in the mining industry. “Hey dude, i’ve got a shed out here in the middle of this desert and i am trying to get someone out here to blow er up fer me…..” his friend quickly knowing what to do, got on the phone and called “Myth busters” TV show. They came out there with all the necessary pyrotechnics that were left over from all of the other shows, and arrived by helicopter. “hey they said” hear ya got a shed ya need to blew up?” “Yes, he said….. “can we ask why??” he looked down at the ground, and said, “i would like to tell you, but first i need to see if it will really work like i think it will……..” “welll……. all right” they said hesistantly….. we had to have special government clearance and a special license to get this stuff out here, and it cost us extra to get this on film ya know……” “I know” he said….. “lets just give it a try!” after they had it all together, they did the count down…… 5,4,3,2,1……… KABOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!! They all looked around wiping the dust from their goggles and coming out from behind the rows of cinder block to protect them from flying debris……. “what is it, that you wanted us to see?” they said….. he ran excitedly looking up into the air….. “i see it, i see it…. here it comes” he said smiling putting his baseball mitt on…….. “here it comes………” THUNK! came the sound as something landed in his mitt!!!! What is it? they asked??????? I KNEW IT! A huge explosion….. and out of all that came a perfect ROLEX watch!

  2. silent Says:

    thankful for zombie movies. there’s no god. :P

  3. Seeker Says:

    I love zombie movies.

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